- Official play book -

Farsk approaches the idea the design firm a little differently. We still use our experience in design, development and content creation to help our clients overcome marketing challenges and grow their businesses, but we do it without a lot of the overhead that is unavoidable for typical design firms.

We are a network of freelancers located around the world that form into teams tailored to the needs of each project. This allows us to produce results comparable to large agencies without the need for dedicated office space, departments that don't work on your project or unnecessary levels of management-bureaucracy.

We are based in Canada but have a global presence as we work with freelancers from around the world. Each freelancer manages his or her own and has a strong understanding of the region, its customs and its language(s). This means we can so we can provide localised, face-to-face service to our clients.

Our aim is to form lasting relationships with our clients by emphasising customer service and high quality work. Are you ready to join the team? We're building a community, not an empire.